Kerry Bentivolio on the issues

Kerry is ready to tackle the issues

Kerry Bentivolio on the Issues


“I will both introduce and vote in support of involving small business relief, to ensure that already-allocated COVID-19 relief dollars go to the many businesses hit hard by this pandemic.”
It is important for government to complement economic growth, healthy wages, and domestic innovation, so in the House of Representatives, I will cut unnecessary regulatory and tax burdens on our nation’s recovering small businesses.

“I will both introduce and vote in support of legislation protecting religious, 1st Amendment and 14th Amendment freedoms to maintain employment for parents and open school attendance for children from both governmental and private sector vaccine and/or mask mandates.”

“I will both introduce and vote in support of requiring that voting machines be either disconnected from, or incapable of connecting to the internet from poll open times until tabulation.”
To preserve national election integrity, I will work toward making significant changes to recount systems that include processes where state-level courts throughout the nation could change the result of an election following a recount, and it would be the county leaders in those states of major political parties that could request those recounts.
As your Congressman, I will sponsor legislation featuring a process to undo certification of election results if a canvasser says their vote to certify was made under any kind of solicitation or duress

“Our Southern border is in turmoil, and this international crisis leaves us vulnerable to the breaking conflict in Afghanistan. As your Congressman, I will make proactive efforts to secure our southern border as it was under President Trump.”
To preserve homeland security, I will be proactive in preventing illegal immigration with urgency-while protecting our American children from the open border overflow of deadly illegal drugs, organized cartel crime, human trafficking networks, and other foreign criminals who aim to compromise our public safety
In Congress, I will take the lead in preventing sanctuary cities, ensure the completion of the border wall, and total prosecution and extradition of criminals illegally on American soil

“As a Vietnam and War on Terror Army veteran, I understand the complex geo-political landscape that our proud military men and women must navigate in today’s world.”
The Communist Chinese Party, Russian Federation and the War on Terror are our prime foreign adversaries, and I will work with the Homeland Security Committee to ensure less Congressional interference, social experimentation, and excessive layers of bureaucracy that equip America to combat foreign threats soundly

“Ceding energy dominance to foreign enemies only stalls America from global energy exportation, and this leads to global emission increases by prime polluters like China, Iran and Russia who then provide for other countries that America must continue supplying.”
As your Congressman, I will work with the Energy and Commerce Committee to protect American energy independence, infrastructure, and of course, American energy jobs


“A nation with socialized medicine is a nation with no professional accountability, and worse, no competition.”
I will protect and expand the patient-centered free market health care system that separates healthcare from government, and I will work toward implementing a patient-first healthcare system that encourages free-market competition and gives Americans the freedom of a choice to purchase health insurance across state lines; while protecting those with pre-existing conditions through reasonable and responsible safety nets